“Well, to get people vaccinated, trust is often essential,” explained Glen Nowak, University of Georgia’s professor and director of the Center for Risk and Communication. However, trust may be a very tender topic for many Americans today.


Surveys show that approximately one in every five Americans does not plan on receiving the COVID-19 vaccine or are showing enormous hesitancy and/or resistance.


Worries that the vaccine was rushed to become available to the public without sufficient time, research, or testing, and possibly before it was safe, have infiltrated minds. People may wonder if ethics and data were involved, or if pressure and haste drove this vaccine. The very title of the administration’s efforts, “Operation Warp Speed,” may have unknowingly perpetuated people’s resistance by using the word, “SPEED.”


So much misinformation and so many different theories, views, and recommendations have clouded the media and people’s minds since the pandemic was first discovered in the United States. Unfortunately, the country continues to become increasingly divided and even volatile about the coronavirus vaccine, prevention methods like masks, social distancing, and proper hand hygiene, and even the virus itself.


The world has been bombarded with conflicting theories, prevention methods, virus treatments, and countless other pieces of advice leaving many overwhelmed and confused. Sadly, many people repeatedly ignore the recommendations and even enforced mandates. A perfect example of this defiance is revealed in the numbers of those who visited friends and family members and even traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday, against all pleas by experts to stay home.


To combat vaccine resistance, the National Institutes of Health have launched a marketing strategy that includes an ad campaign targeting minorities and people with lower socioeconomic status. The data reveals that these groups are where the largest number of those unwilling to get vaccinated exist.


Other factors that play huge roles in assuring people that COVID-19 vaccines are safe include the opinions and guidance of trusted, personal doctors, health care providers, and other medical professionals. More and more people have been participating in clinical trials as well, and it helps the public tremendously to witness their success.


In addition, famous figures and many other civilians, celebrities, and members of the media are receiving the vaccine on camera to promote its safety and success. Former presidents, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were among the very first to volunteer for this live opportunity to prove to everyone that they should, in fact, receive this vaccine (unless otherwise directed by your doctor).


You can visit NPR National Public Radio or Marketplace.org for more information on the COVID-19 vaccines and the strategies being utilized to increase the public’s trust in them. A multitude of different methods are in use by many different figures, groups, companies, and others, to motivate the majority into receiving a coronavirus vaccine. A majority of at least 70-80% of countrywide vaccinations must take place for it to be successful.